We’re a husband and wife team based in Sydney but will travel anywhere.
John first experienced photography as a child when, on special occasions, he was allowed a 35mm film camera and a roll of film. The resulting photos were, well, awful; but it was the low ember that grew into a firestorm of passion for creating beautiful, evocative images.
Iku received her first camera when she was 21 as a gift from her uncle, who is a passionate enthusiast. She was, back then, less passionate; but a holiday mishap led to the loss of that camera, and not wanting to upset her uncle she decided to buy a replacement — one which would turn an accidental loss into a blooming love of photography.
We met rather accidentally at a hanami picnic neither of us had planned to go to. Under the blooming cherry blossom trees we bonded over photography, and our mutual love of pictures soon gave way to a mutual love, a beautiful wedding, and the birth of our son, Haruki.
We started Harustudio because we believe that photography is special, and everyone deserves something special in their lives. Our most treasured possessions are our photographs — pictures of the places we’ve been, of each other, and of our (not-so) little boy. We feel deeply about making photos that will capture moments that show how far you’ve come together, and will remind you of where you came from. We won’t direct you into being someone else, we’re here to capture you, as you are, at your best.


Our studio address is Suite 1, 838 Old Princes Highway, Sutherland, 2232. It’s on the corner of Old Princes Highway and President Ave, just a minute away from Sutherland Station. We’re available 7 days a week by appointment.
To make a booking or if you’d like to chat about what we do, you can call us on 0459203519, email us, or use our contact form below.
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