About Us

A bit more about us

John’s first experience of photography was as a child where on special occasions he was allowed to use his dad’s 35mm film camera. The photos weren’t very good, and as far as he knows he’s destroyed all the evidence — but it did start him down the path which has led him to have work shortlisted at Head On (2011), made semifinalist for the Moran Photographic Prize (2018), and this year being placed in Capture Magazine’s Australiasia’s Top Emerging Photographers in the Wedding category.

Iku’s first experience wasn’t until much later, when she was given a camera at 21 by her uncle, a passionate enthusiast. She was, back then, less passionate; but after she lost the camera on a holiday mishap, and not wanting to upset her uncle, she decided to buy a replacement — a decision which turned an accidental loss into a blooming love of photography.

We met rather accidentally at a hanami picnic that neither of us had planned to go to. Iku was a wedding photographer in her hometown of Hiroshima, and John had run away to Japan for adventure and loot (he found some, and immediately upgraded his camera). After meeting under the blooming cherry blossom trees we immediately retreated to our own circle of friends — it wasn’t until we all found ourselves at a local bar that a mutual friend (literally) threw us together.

There we bonded over travelling and photography, fell in love, got hitched, and landed in Sydney hand in hand.

Our most treasured possessions are our photographs — pictures of the places we’ve been, of each other, and of our (not-so) little boy. We feel deeply about making photos that will capture moments that show how far you’ve come together, and will remind you of where you came from. We love catching the little moments, and we love telling the small, personal stories that won’t change the world but is deeply meaningful to those who lived it.

We won’t direct you into being someone else, we’re here to capture you, as you are, at your best.

We'd love to hear from you.

We’re easy to get a hold of – get in touch using the form below, or give us a call on 0459397057. If you’re in Sydney we’d love to catch up over a coffee (or a mid-week vino!) or if you’re out of town let’s set up a Skype date.

Either way, we can’t wait to meet you!

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